Meaning of “harm” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /hɑːm/
Extra Examples
Some people believe smacking children causes them physical and emotional harm.It can be difficult to keep children safe from harm.There is growing evidence of the harm caused by smoking.He bitterly regretted the harm he had caused his daughters.Some vitamin tablets can do more harm than good.

B2 [ U ] hurt or damage:

Smoking can cause serious harm to the lungs.
Alan would never do anyone any harm.
not come to any harm

to not be hurt or damaged

not do any harm

to not be a bad thing to do and possibly be a good thing:

[ + to do sth ] It wouldn't do any harm to have another look.
there's no harm in doing sth

used to say that something is not a bad thing to do and could possibly have a good effect:

I suppose there's no harm in trying.
not mean any harm

to not intend to hurt someone or damage something:

I never meant him any harm, I just wanted him to leave me alone.
out of harm's way

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