Meaning of “head” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] us uk /hed/

A1 the part of your body above your neck that contains your brain, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, etc and on which your hair grows:

He fell and hit his head on the table.

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B1 your mind:

All these thoughts were going round in my head.

B1 the person who is in charge of an organization:

Her father is the head of an oil company.
SCHOOL also head teacher UK

A2 the person in charge of a school:

You'll have to ask the head if you can have a day off school.

the front or top part of something:

Who is that at the head of the table?
£10/$6, etc a head

costing £10/$6, etc for each person:

The meal costs 20 euros a head.

the side of a coin that has a picture of someone's head on it:

Heads or tails?

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