Meaning of “heart” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /hɑːt/

A2 the organ inside your chest that sends blood around your body:

Isabel's heart was beating fast.

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CENTRE [ no plural ]

the centre of something:

Her office is in the heart of Tokyo.
the heart of sth

B1 the most important part of something:

We need to get to the heart of the matter.

B1 someone's deepest feelings and true character:

She has a kind heart.

a shape that is used to mean love


playing cards with red, heart shapes on them

at heart

used to say what someone is really like:

I'm just a kid at heart.
in your heart

used to say what you really think:

In his heart he felt they were wrong.
with all your heart

used to say that you feel something very strongly:

I thank you with all my heart.
not have the heart to do sth

to decide not to do something that would make someone unhappy

learn/know, etc sth by heart

B2 to be able to remember all of something

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