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noun us uk /həʊm/
Extra Examples
She gets lonely now that the kids have all left home.It started raining just as we neared home.You'd better phone home, otherwise your parents will start to worry.Personally, I'd rather stay at home and watch TV.I once ran away from home when I was a child.
LIVE [ C, U ]

A1 the place where you live or feel you belong:

I tried to call him, but he wasn't at home.
We sold our home in London and moved to Scotland.
He left home (= stopped living with his family) when he was eighteen.
CARE [ C ]

a place where people who need special care live:

a children's home
My grandmother lives in a home now.
feel at home

B1 to feel happy and confident in a place or situation:

After a month she felt at home in her new job.
make yourself at home

to behave in a relaxed way in a place, as if it was your own home:

Take off your coat and make yourself at home.
the home of sth/sb

the place where you usually find something or someone, or where they come from:

France, the home of good food
→ See also nursing home , stately home

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