Meaning of “impression” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /ɪmˈpreʃən/
Extra Examples
She made a very favourable impression on us.The article gave the impression that it was his idea.I got the distinct impression that he wasn't happy.My first impression was that he was shy.My overall impression of the town was not good.
OPINION [ no plural ]

B2 an idea, feeling, or opinion about something or someone:

[ + (that) ] I got/had the impression that he was bored.
Monica gives the impression of being shy.
Remember that it makes a bad impression if you're late.
I think Mick was under the impression that (= thought that) we were married.
COPY [ C, U ]

a copy of the way someone speaks or behaves, often to make people laugh:

He does a brilliant impression of the president.
MARK [ C ]

a mark left when an object is pressed into something soft

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