Meaning of “job” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] us uk /dʒɒb/
Extra Examples
There were over fifty applicants for the job.No one thought he'd get the job.The job pays $5 an hour.He's starting his new job on Monday.They offered me a job.

A1 the regular work that you do in order to earn money:

She got a job in publishing.
Hundreds of workers could lose their jobs.
Why don't you apply for a part-time job?

A2 a piece of work that you have to do:

cooking, cleaning and other household jobs

B2 something that is your responsibility:

It's my job to water the plants.
make a bad/good, etc job of sth UK

to do sth badly/well, etc

do a good/excellent, etc job

B2 to do something well/very well, etc:

She did a great job of organizing the event.
out of a job

without a job:

How long have you been out of a job?

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