Meaning of “kick” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /kɪk/
Extra Examples
She kicked the ball as hard as she could.He was knocked to the ground and kicked and beaten.I was screaming as he kicked and punched me.He was repeatedly kicked in the head and face.She kicked open the door and rushed into the room.
HIT [ I, T ]

A1 to hit or move something or someone with your foot:

The boys were kicking a ball back and forth.
She kicked me in the stomach.
They tried to kick the door down.

to move your feet and legs forwards or backwards quickly and with force:

I kicked at them and screamed for help.
kick yourself informal

to be very annoyed with yourself for doing something stupid or wrong:

I could have kicked myself for saying that.
→ See also be alive and kicking/well

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