Meaning of “last” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun, pronoun us uk /lɑːst/
the last

B2 a person or thing that comes after all the others:

[ + to do sth ] We were the last to get there.

More examples

  • Simon was the last to leave.
  • We were the last to arrive.
  • I was the last to sign up.
  • He's always the last to get in.
  • I'm always the last to hear any office gossip.
the last of sth

the only part of something that remains:

We've just finished the last of the wine.
the day/week/year before last

B2 the day, week, or year before the one that has just finished

at (long) last

B1 finally:

At last, I've found a pair of jeans that actually fit.
the last I heard

used before saying a piece of information about someone that you previously heard:

The last I heard, they were selling their house.

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