Meaning of “law” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun uk us /lɔː/
the law

B2 the system of official rules in a country:

You're breaking the law.
It's against the law (= illegal) not to wear seat belts.
It's their job to enforce the law.
by law

B2 If you have to do something by law, it is illegal not to do it:

They have to provide a contract by law.
RULE [ C ]

B2 an official rule in a country:

There are laws against drinking in the street.
They led the fight to impose laws on smoking.
law and order

the obeying of laws in society:

a breakdown in law and order

B1 the subject or job of understanding and dealing with the official laws of a country:

a law school/firm

something that is always true in science, mathematics, etc.:

the laws of nature/physics
the law of averages/gravity

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