Meaning of “lay” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /leɪ/ past tense and past participle laid
Extra Examples
She opened the drawer and laid the scarf inside.Alex laid them down side-by-side on the table.She laid her hand on his forehead.She closed the book and laid it on the table.He laid the picture carefully on the bed.
lay sth down/in/on, etc

C1 to put something down somewhere carefully:

She laid the baby on the bed.
He laid the tray down on the table.

[ T ] to put something into its correct position:

to lay a carpet
to lay bricks
lay eggs

B2 If an animal lays eggs, it produces them out of its body.

lay the blame on sb

to blame someone, usually when this is not fair:

You always lay the blame on me!

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