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adverb us uk /liːst/
Extra Examples
He was the least affected by the illness.It's one of the least expensive places to live.He's the least qualified person in the office.It's one of the least attractive areas of the town.I always felt I was the least important person there.

B1 less than anyone or anything else:

Which car costs least?
I chose the least expensive dish on the menu.
No one, least of all (= especially not) James, is going to be angry with you.
at least

A2 as much as, or more than, a number or amount:

You'll have to wait at least an hour.

B1 something that you say when you are telling someone about an advantage in a bad situation:

It's a small house but at least there's a garden.

used to say that someone should give a small amount of help although they do not intend to give a lot:

Even if you didn't want to send a present, you could at least have sent a card.

something that you say in order to correct something you said that was wrong:

I've seen that film. At least, I saw the beginning then I fell asleep.
not least formal


The whole trip was fascinating, not least because of the people I met.
not in the least

not at all:

I don't mind staying at home, not in the least.
→ See also last but not least

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