Meaning of “lock” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /lɒk/
Extra Examples
The door had been locked from the inside.I went to check that I'd locked the door.He locked the room and put up a sign asking people to keep out.He took the precaution of locking the door.She locked the drawer and put the key in a safe place.

B1 to fasten something with a key, or to be fastened with a key:

Did you lock the door?
If you shut the door it will lock automatically.
→ Opposite unlock
lock sth/sb away/in, etc

B2 to put something or someone in a place or container that is fastened with a key:

She locked herself in her bedroom.
Most of my jewellery is locked away in a safe.

to become fixed in one position:

I tried to move forward but the wheels had locked.

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