Meaning of “lost” - Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /lɒst/
Extra Examples
We got hopelessly lost.I was lost so I retraced my steps.Unwary travellers can easily get lost in these parts.We were lost and had no map.The parents were searching for their lost child.

A2 not knowing where you are or where you should go:

I got lost on the way.

B1 If something is lost, no one knows where it is:

Things tend to get lost when you move house.
Lost: black cat with white paws.

not knowing what to do in a new situation:

It was his first day in the office and he seemed a bit lost.
be lost without sb/sth informal

to be unable to live or work without someone or something:

She's lost without her computer.
be lost on sb

If a joke or remark is lost on someone, they do not understand it.

Get lost! informal

an impolite way of telling someone to go away

→ See also long-lost

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