Meaning of “luck” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ U ] us uk /lʌk/
Extra Examples
It was just bad luck that she heard us.He'd had a run of bad luck.They say that breaking a mirror brings you seven years' bad luck.We won through a combination of luck and skill.We couldn't believe our luck when we won.

A2 good and bad things caused by chance and not by your own actions:

It was just luck that I asked for a job at the right time.
Then I met this gorgeous woman and I couldn't believe my luck.
He seems to have had a lot of bad luck in his life.

B2 success:

Have you had any luck (= succeeded in) finding your bag?
He's been trying to find work but with no luck so far.
be in luck informal

to be able to have or do what you want:

"Do you have any tuna sandwiches?" "You're in luck - there's one left."
Good luck!

something you say to someone when you hope that they will be successful:

Good luck with your exam!
Bad/Hard luck!

used to show sympathy when someone is unsuccessful or unlucky:

"They've run out of tickets." "Oh, bad luck!"

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