Meaning of “mind” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] us uk /maɪnd/

B1 someone's memory or their ability to think, feel emotions, and be aware of things:

For some reason her words stuck in my mind.
She has a very logical mind.

More examples

have sth on your mind

to think or worry about something:

Jim has a lot on his mind at the moment.
bear/keep sb/sth in mind

B2 to remember someone or something that may be useful in the future:

I'll keep you in mind if another job comes up.
[ + (that) ] Bear in mind that there's a bank holiday next week.
make your mind up

B1 to make a decision:

[ + question word ] I haven't made up my mind whether to go yet.
change your mind

B1 to change a decision or opinion:

We've changed our minds about selling the house.
come/spring to mind

If an idea comes to mind, it is the first thing you think of:

I was thinking about who might be suitable for this job, and your name came to mind.
put your mind to sth

to give your full attention to something:

You could win if you put your mind to it.
be out of your mind informal

to be crazy or very stupid:

You must be out of your mind going running on a night like this!
be out of your mind with worry/grief, etc

to be very worried or upset

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