Meaning of “near” - Learner’s Dictionary


adverb, preposition us uk /nɪər/

A1 not far away in distance:

Could you come a bit nearer, please?
I stood near the window.
They live in a small village near the Danish border.
Are you going anywhere near the post office?

More examples

be/come near to doing sth

to almost achieve or do something:

This is the nearest I've ever got to winning anything.
He came near to punching him.

If something or someone is near a particular state, they are almost in that state:

She looked near exhaustion.
Climbing that mountain is near impossible without ropes.
She was near to tears (= almost crying) when I told her.

B2 not far away in time:

She shouldn't be partying so near her exams.
We can decide nearer the time.


The feelings I had were near hysteria.
He is Russia's nearest thing to a rock legend.
nowhere near

not close in distance, amount, time, or quality:

It wasn't me - I was nowhere near him.
That's nowhere near enough for six people.
It was nowhere near as difficult as I thought it would be.
near enough


The books were ordered near enough alphabetically.

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