Meaning of “news” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ U ] us uk /njuːz/
Extra Examples
The story resurfaced in the news again last week.The news channel has been accused of bias in favour of the government.Can you be quiet, I want to hear the news.The detective leading the hunt for the killer spoke at the news conference.The incident was not reported in the news.
the news

B1 the announcement of important events on television, radio, and in newspapers:

the local/national news
to watch the 6 o'clock news
Did you see that report about child labour on the news last night?
a news bulletin/report

A2 new information:

Have you had any news about your job yet?
I've got some good news for you.
Any news from John?
be news to sb informal

to be a surprise to someone:

He's leaving? Well that's certainly news to me.

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