Meaning of “no” - Learner’s Dictionary


exclamation us uk /nəʊ/
Extra Examples
"Did you like it then?" "Not really, no."She said very little beyond the occasional 'yes' and 'no'."Are you sure you don't mind taking me?" "No, it's no bother, really!"Everybody who was asked, myself excepted, said no.It's likely that he'll say no.

A1 something that you say in order to disagree, give a negative answer, or say that something is not true:

"Have you seen Louise?" "No, I haven't."
"Have you ever been to Ireland?" "No."
"Can I have some more cake?" "No, you'll be sick."
"He's really ugly." "No he isn't!"

A2 something that you say to agree with something that is negative:

"He's not very bright, is he?" "No, I'm afraid not."
Oh no!

A2 something that you say when you are shocked and upset:

Oh no! It's gone all over the carpet!

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