Meaning of “ought” - Learner’s Dictionary


modal verb us uk /ɔːt/
Extra Examples
You ought to fit a smoke alarm in the kitchen.He doesn't earn much. All the same, he ought to pay for some of his own drinks.He ought to pay the fine, otherwise he might go to prison.One ought to respect one's parents.We ought to clean up this mess before Steve gets back.
ought to do sth

B1 used to say or ask what is the correct or best thing to do:

We ought to tidy up before we go.
You ought to see a doctor.
He ought to have told her the truth.
Ought I to phone her?
ought to be/do sth

B2 used to say that you expect something to be true or that you expect something to happen:

She ought to be home by seven.
He ought to pass the exam this time.

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