Meaning of “peace” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ U ] us uk /piːs/
Extra Examples
After an interval of three days the peace talks resumed.His visit gave new impetus to the peace process.Our country has enjoyed a long period of peace and stability.The peace talks have stalled over the issue of nuclear weapons.The peace deal was brokered by the US.

B2 a situation in which there is no war, violence, or arguing:

peace talks
a peace agreement/treaty
There seems little hope for world peace.
The UN sent troops to the region to keep the peace.

B1 quiet and calm:

a feeling of peace
After a busy day, all I want is peace and quiet.
I wish you'd stop complaining and leave me in peace!
peace of mind

a feeling that you do not need to worry about anything:

We lock our doors and windows at night for peace of mind.
→ See also Justice of the Peace

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