Meaning of “place” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /pleɪs/

A1 a position, building, town, area, etc:

His leg's broken in two places.
Is there a place where we can talk privately?
Edinburgh would be a nice place to live.
What a stupid place to park.

More examples

take place

B1 to happen:

The meeting will take place next week.
in place

in the correct position:

The chairs are all in place.

If a rule, system, etc is in place, it has started to exist:

There are now laws in place to prevent this from happening.
out of place

not in the correct position:

Why are my files all out of place?

not right or suitable for a particular situation:

Everyone else was wearing jeans and I felt completely out of place in my office clothes.
all over the place

B2 in or to many different places:

There was blood all over the place.
I ran all over the place looking for them.
in place of sth

B2 instead of something:

Try adding fruit to your breakfast cereal in place of sugar.
HOME [ C ] informal

A2 someone's home:

Do you want to come over to my place tonight?
They've just bought a place in Spain.

B1 an opportunity to take part in something:

Are there any places left on the theatre trip?
She's got a place at Liverpool University to do Spanish.
in first/second/third, etc place

B1 If you are in first/second, etc place in a race or competition, that is your position:

He finished in fifth place.

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