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noun us uk /pəˈzɪʃən/

B1 the way someone is sitting, standing, or lying, or if something is pointing up or down, etc:

a kneeling position
I go to sleep on my back but I always wake up in a different position.
Make sure your chair is in the upright position.

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B1 the situation that someone is in:

[ usually singular ] She's in a very difficult position.
be in a position to do sth

to be able to do something because of your situation:

I'm not in a position to talk about this at the moment.

B1 the place where someone or something is:

I'm trying to find our position on the map.
You're in a good position next to the window.
be in position

If someone or something is in position, they are in the place that they should be in.

in first/second/third, etc position

in first/second/third, etc place in a race or other competition:

She finished the race in third position.
JOB [ C ] formal

B2 a job:

to apply for a position in a company
OPINION [ C ] formal

a way of thinking about a subject:

What's the company's position on recycling?
GAME [ C ]

B1 the part that someone plays in a game such as football:

What position does he play?

B2 your level of importance in society:

the position of women in society

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