Meaning of “positive” - Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ˈpɒzətɪv/

B1 feeling happy about your life and your future:

a positive attitude
I'm feeling much more positive about things now.

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B2 Something that is positive makes you feel better about a situation:

We've shown people samples of the product and had a very positive response.
CERTAIN [ never before noun ]

B2 certain that something is true:

"Are you sure you saw him?" "Absolutely positive."
[ + (that) ] I'm positive that I switched it off.
PROOF [ always before noun ]

showing without any doubt that something is true:

positive proof

If a medical test is positive, it shows that the person being tested has a disease or condition:

She did a pregnancy test and it was positive.

In mathematics, a positive number is greater than zero.

positive charge

the electrical charge that is carried by protons (= parts of atoms)

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