Meaning of “prove” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ T ] us uk /pruːv/ past tense proved, past participle mainly US proven
Extra Examples
I defy you to prove that I'm wrong.She fought to prove her son's innocence.Tests have proved conclusively that the drugs are effective.The theory has never been proved experimentally.The document proves that he knew about the transaction.

B1 to show that something is true:

They knew who had stolen the money, but they couldn't prove it.
[ + (that) ] Can you prove that you weren't there?
He's desperately trying to prove his innocence.
→ Opposite disprove
prove (to be) sth

B2 to show a particular quality after a period of time:

The new treatment has proved to be very effective.
prove yourself

to show that you are good at something:

I wish he'd stop trying to prove himself all the time.

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