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noun us uk /ˈrefərəns/
Extra Examples
He made no explicit references to Tess.His speech contained many hidden references to the allegations.She made numerous references to her new book in the interview.He made some pointed references to her history of drug problems.The title of the book is a reference to classical mythology.
SAY [ C, U ]

a few words that you say or write about someone or something:

In his book, he makes several references to his time in France.
with/in reference to sth formal

B2 relating to something:

I am writing to you with reference to the job advertised in yesterday's newspaper.
LOOK AT [ C, U ]

the act of looking at information, or the thing that you look at for information:

Please keep this handout for future reference (= to look at in the future).

B2 a letter that is written by someone who knows you, to say if you are suitable for a job or course

→ See also cross reference

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