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adverb us uk /raɪt/
Extra Examples
Get over here right now!He was standing right at the front.I've got a question here which should be right up your alley.Then, right on cue, Andrew appeared at the door.They showed a lot of trust in me right from the beginning.

B1 exactly in a place or time:

He's right here with me.
I fell asleep right in the middle of her speech.

B2 correctly:

Nothing was going right.
He guessed right most of the time.

A2 to the right side:

Turn right after the bridge.
right away/now/after

B1 immediately:

Do you want to start right away?
We'll be able to meet them right after lunch.

all the way:

Did you read it right through to the end?

A2 used at the beginning of a sentence to get someone's attention or to show you have understood someone:

Right, whose turn is it to tidy up?
Right, so Helen's coming tomorrow and Trevor on Thursday.

used in the UK as part of the title of some politicians and Christian officials:

Right Honourable/Reverend
rightness noun [ U ]

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