Meaning of “road” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun uk us /rəʊd/

A1 [ C, U ] a long, hard surface built for vehicles to drive on:

Be careful when you cross the road.
The journey takes about three hours by road (= in a car, bus, etc).
Follow the main road (= large road) till you come to a church.
a road accident
Road (written abbreviation Rd)

A1 used in the name of a road as part of an address:

142 Park Road
along/down/up the road

a distance away on the same road:

There's a supermarket just down the road.
over the road UK (UK/US across the road)

on the other side of the road:

Who lives in that big house over the road?
on the road

driving or travelling, usually over a long distance:

We'd been on the road for 48 hours.

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