Meaning of “sale” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /seɪl/
SELLING THINGS [ U, no plural ]

B2 the act of selling something, or the time when something is sold:

The sale of alcohol is now banned.
to make a sale

More examples

(up) for sale

A2 available to buy:

For sale: ladies' bicycle - good condition.
The house next to mine is up for sale.
on sale

A2 UK available to buy in a shop:

Her new book is now on sale.

available for a lower price than usual:

This album was on sale for half price.

an event where things are sold:

a sale of used books

A2 a time when a shop sells goods at a lower price than usual:

UK I bought this dress in the sale.
→ See also car boot sale , jumble sale

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