Meaning of “screen” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /skriːn/
Extra Examples
He stared absently at the television screen.I get a lot of glare from my computer screen.Looking at a computer screen for too long can be bad for your eyes.A message just popped up on my screen.The text can be displayed and edited on screen.

A2 the part of a television or computer that shows images or writing:

I spend most of my day working in front of a computer screen.
on screen

A2 using a computer:

Do you work on screen?

A2 a large, flat surface where a film or an image is shown

CINEMA [ U, no plural ]

cinema films:

an actor of stage and screen (= theatre and films)
She first appeared on screen in 1965.
NET [ C ]

a wire net that covers a window or door and is used to stop insects coming in


a vertical structure that is used to separate one area from another

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