Meaning of “sharp” - Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ʃɑːp/

B1 having a very thin or pointed edge that can cut things:

a sharp knife
sharp claws/teeth

More examples

a sharp rise/increase/drop, etc

B2 a sudden and very large increase or reduction in something

a sharp contrast/difference/distinction, etc

a very big and noticeable difference between two things


B2 quick to notice and understand things:

a sharp mind
a sharp pain

severe and not gentle:

sharp criticism
She can be a bit sharp with people sometimes.
a sharp bend/turn, etc

a sudden large change in the direction you are travelling


A sharp taste is slightly sour.


A sharp image is very clear:

a photograph in sharp focus
a sharp wit

the ability to say things that are funny and clever

a sharp tongue

If you have a sharp tongue, you often upset people by saying unkind things to them.


If a piece of clothing or a style is sharp, it is fashionable and tidy:

young men in sharp suits
C sharp/F sharp, etc

the musical note that is between the note C, F, etc and the note above it


A sharp musical note sounds unpleasant because it is slightly higher than it should be.

sharply adverb
sharpness noun [ U ]

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