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verb us uk /sɪt/ present participle sitting, past tense and past participle sat
Extra Examples
The children like to sit on the top deck of the bus.I never get to sit in the front seat.He just sits on the sofa all day long.The couple opposite us sat through the whole meal without exchanging a word.Rick was sitting on the edge of the bed.

A1 to be in a position with the weight of your body on your bottom and the top part of your body up, for example, on a chair:

Emma was sitting on a stool.
The children sat at the table by the window.
We sat by the river and had a picnic.
MOVE BODY [ I ] also sit down

A2 to move your body into a sitting position after you have been standing:

She came over and sat beside him.
She sat down on the grass.
sit sb down/at/in, etc

to make someone sit somewhere:

She sat me down and told me the bad news.
I thought we'd sit the children at the end of the table.
STAY [ I ]

to stay in one place for a long time and not be used:

He hardly ever drives the car. It just sits in the garage.

If a court, parliament, etc sits, it has a meeting to do its work:

The board will be sitting next week.

to take a test or exam:

The changes will affect many students sitting their exams this summer.
→ See also sit on the fence

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