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verb us uk /slɪp/ present participle slipping, past tense and past participle slipped
Extra Examples
He couldn't help it, he slipped.I slipped on the ice and sprained my ankle.Be careful you don't slip. The floor is wet.Hold onto the rail. I don't want you to slip.Mark slipped because he wasn't wearing the correct footwear.
FALL [ I ]

B1 to slide by accident and fall or almost fall:

She slipped on the ice and broke her ankle.

B1 to slide out of the correct position:

The photo had slipped from the frame.
slip away/out/through, etc

to go somewhere quietly or quickly:

I'll slip out of the room if I get bored.
slip sth into/through, etc

to put something somewhere quickly or secretly:

She slipped the letter into an envelope and sealed it.
GIVE SECRETLY [ + two objects ] informal

to give something to someone secretly:

I slipped her a five euro note.

to get less or worse in level or quality:

His school grades have slipped recently.
let sth slip

to forget that something is a secret and tell someone about it

→ See also slip your mind

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