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verb us uk /splɪt/ present participle splitting, past tense and past participle split
Extra Examples
The weight of the coal had caused the sack to split.They heard the sound of the branch splitting.His pockets were so full they had split.It looks as if this football is about to split.The leather was dry and had split in places.
BREAK [ I, T ]

B2 If something splits or if you split it, it tears so that there is a long, thin hole in it:

He split his trousers when he bent over.
Her shoes were splitting apart at the sides.
DIVIDE [ I, T ] also split up

B2 to divide into smaller parts or groups, or to divide something into smaller parts or groups:

The children split up into three groups.

to share something by dividing it into smaller parts:

The cost of the wedding will be split between the two families.

If a group of people splits, or something splits them, they disagree and form smaller groups:

This issue could split the Conservative Party.
[ often passive ] The government was split on the issue of hunting.
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