Meaning of “spot” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] us uk /spɒt/
Extra Examples
This fungus attacks roses and causes black spots on their leaves.The fish has black spots on its upper body and tail.The centre of the pitch is marked by a yellow spot.The cheetah has a yellow-brown coat with black spots.The plane appeared as a small spot on the radar screen.

B1 a small, round mark that is a different colour to the surface it is on:

a blue shirt with white spots
I noticed a small spot of oil on my jacket.
SKIN UK US pimple

an unpleasant, small, red mark on your skin:

He suffered badly with spots as a teenager.

B2 a place:

We found a good spot to sit and have our picnic.
The town is a popular tourist spot.
a spot of sth UK old-fashioned

a small amount of something:

a spot of lunch/shopping
on the spot


I accepted the job on the spot.

in the place where something happens:

The police were called and they were on the spot within three minutes.

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