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noun us uk /stɑːt/
Extra Examples
We were up early, impatient to make a start.We usually get a raise at the start of a year.The project has been beset by problems from the start.They managed to win the game, despite a very shaky start.Their marriage was doomed from the start.

B1 the beginning of something:

[ usually singular ] Our teacher checks who is in class at the start of each day.
Ivan has been involved in the project from the start.
The meeting got off to a bad start (= began badly).
make a start

to begin doing something:

I'll make a start on the washing-up.
for a start

used when you are giving the first in a list of reasons or things:

I won't be going - I've got too much homework for a start.

an advantage that you have over someone else when you begin something:

[ usually singular ] I'm grateful for the start I had in life.
the start

the place where a race begins

SUDDEN MOVEMENT [ no plural ]

a sudden movement that you make because you are frightened or surprised:

Kate sat up with a start.
→ See also false start

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