Meaning of “taste” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /teɪst/
He grimaced at the bitter taste.I've still got the taste of garlic in my mouth.The fruit has a very distinctive taste.The whiskey had a delicious malty taste.I prefer the taste of this wine.
FOOD [ C, U ]

B1 the flavour of a particular food in your mouth:

a sweet/bitter taste
It's got quite a strong taste.

B2 the ability to feel different flavours in your mouth:

When you've got a cold you often lose your sense of taste.
a taste

a small amount of food that you have in order to try it:

Could I have / just a taste of the sauce?

B2 the particular things you like, such as styles of music, clothes, decoration, etc:

I don't like his taste in music.
It's okay, but it's not really to / my taste.

the ability to judge what is attractive or suitable, especially in things related to art, style, beauty, etc:

Everything in his house is beautiful - he's got very good taste.
be in good taste

to be acceptable in a way that will not upset or anger people

be in bad/poor taste

to be unacceptable in a way that will upset or anger people:

He told a joke about a plane crash which I thought was in rather poor taste.
a taste for sth

when you like or enjoy something:

I've developed a bit of a taste for opera.
Over the years I've lost my taste for travel.
taste of sth

B2 a short experience of something new:

That was my first taste of Mexican culture.

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