Meaning of “taste” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /teɪst/
FOOD [ C, U ]

B1 the flavour of a particular food in your mouth:

a sweet/bitter taste
It's got quite a strong taste.

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B2 the ability to feel different flavours in your mouth:

When you've got a cold you often lose your sense of taste.
a taste

a small amount of food that you have in order to try it:

Could I have just a taste of the sauce?

B2 the particular things you like, such as styles of music, clothes, decoration, etc:

I don't like his taste in music.
It's okay, but it's not really to my taste.

the ability to judge what is attractive or suitable, especially in things related to art, style, beauty, etc:

Everything in his house is beautiful - he's got very good taste.
be in good taste

to be acceptable in a way that will not upset or anger people

be in bad/poor taste

to be unacceptable in a way that will upset or anger people:

He told a joke about a plane crash which I thought was in rather poor taste.
a taste for sth

when you like or enjoy something:

I've developed a bit of a taste for opera.
Over the years I've lost my taste for travel.
taste of sth

B2 a short experience of something new:

That was my first taste of Mexican culture.

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