Meaning of “thought” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun uk us /θɔːt/
IDEA [ C ]

B1 an idea or opinion:

Do you have any thoughts about/on where you want to spend Christmas?
[ + of + doing sth ] The thought of seeing her again filled him with happiness.
informal "Why don't we invite Ben?" "That's a thought (= That's a good idea)."

B2 the activity of thinking, or when you think about something carefully:

She sat staring at the picture, deep in thought.
You'll need to give the matter some thought.
CARE [ no plural ]

something you do that shows you care about someone:

Thanks for the card - it was a really kind thought.

a set of ideas about a particular subject:

The book examines his influence on recent political thought.
→ See also school of thought , second thought , spare a thought for sb

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