Meaning of “tie” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /taɪ/ present participle tying, past tense and past participle tied
Extra Examples
She tied the two pieces of rope together.This knot is used to tie a rope to another object.Red string was used to tie legal and official documents together.Tie the stalk to a cane to stop the plant from falling over.A rope had been tied to the overhanging branch of a tree.
tie sth to/together/around, etc

B1 to fasten something with string, rope, etc:

a pretty box tied with a red ribbon
The dog was tied to a tree.

B1 to make a knot in a piece of string, rope, etc:

She tied the scarf.
→ Opposite untie

to have the same score as someone else at the end of a competition or game:

Sweden tied with France in the winter sports competition.
→ See also tie the knot

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