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adjective us uk /taɪt/
Extra Examples
He made a tight fist with his right hand.Use a spanner to get the bolts tight.The rubber formed a tight seal around the joint.Collect the straws into a tight bundle.The knot wasn't tight enough, and it came undone.

B2 firm and difficult to move:

Make sure the knot is tight.

B1 fitting your body very closely:

a tight skirt

B2 controlled and obeying all rules completely:

tight security
They kept tight control of the school budget.

If cloth, wire, skin, etc is tight, it has been pulled so that it is straight or smooth.


If money, time, or space is tight, there is only just enough of it:

We should get six people into the car but it will be tight.
tightly adverb
tightness noun [ U ]

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