Meaning of “touch” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /tʌtʃ/
HAND [ no plural ]

B2 the action of putting your hand on something:

I felt the touch of his hand on my face.

B2 the ability to feel things by putting your hand on them:

It was cold to the touch (= when I touched it).

a small detail that makes something better:

Having flowers on the tables was a nice touch.
a touch

a little:

Add a little olive oil and a touch of vinegar.
be/get/keep, etc in touch

B1 to communicate or continue to communicate with someone by telephoning, or writing to them

lose touch

B2 to stop communicating with someone, usually because they do not live near you now:

We've lost touch over the years.
be out of touch

to know little about what has recently happened

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