Meaning of “towards” - Learner’s Dictionary


preposition us uk /təˈwɔːdz/ mainly UK mainly US toward
Extra Examples
She began inching her way towards the door.He leapt out of his car and ran towards the house.He ran towards me with his arms outstretched.She seized my arm and pulled me towards her.He gestured towards the window.

B1 in the direction of someone or something:

She stood up and walked towards him.
He kept glancing towards the telephone.

near to a time or place:

Your seats are towards the back of the theatre.
He only became successful towards the end of his life.

B2 used when talking about feelings about something or someone:

His attitude towards work needs to improve.

for the purpose of buying or achieving something:

We're asking people for a contribution towards the cost.
This piece of work counts towards your final mark.

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