Meaning of “why” - Learner’s Dictionary


adverb us uk /waɪ/
Extra Examples
You're soaking - why didn't you take an umbrella?He told me to forgive her, but why should I?Why was the door left open?It's easy to see why he's so popular.Can you explain why you did this?

A1 used to ask or talk about the reasons for something:

Why didn't you call me?
I wonder why he didn't come.
So that's the reason why he asked her!
Why don't you?/Why not do sth?

A2 used to make a suggestion:

Why don't you come with us?
Why not give it a try?
why not? informal

B1 used to agree with something that someone has suggested:

"Let's have an ice cream." "Yes, why not?"

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