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adjective us uk /waɪd/
Extra Examples
Debris from the aircraft was scattered over a wide area.We had to cross a wide river to get there.We took a walk along one of the city's wide avenues.The plant has wide leaves and small white flowers.The wide tyres are specially designed for these conditions.

A2 measuring a long distance or longer than usual from one side to the other:

a wide river/road
I have very wide feet.
5 miles/3 inches/6 metres, etc wide

B1 having a distance of 5 miles/3 inches/6 metres, etc from one side to the other:

The swimming pool is five metres wide.
a wide range/selection/variety, etc

B1 a lot of different types of thing:

The library is a good source of a wide range of information.

If your eyes are wide, they are completely open:

Her eyes were wide with fear.

If a ball, shot, etc is wide, it does not go near enough to where it was intended to go.

→ See also be wide of the mark

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