Meaning of “with” - Learner’s Dictionary


preposition us uk /wɪð/
Extra Examples
She had a baby with her.She's gone off to the pub with Tony.We always spend Christmas with my folks.He explained that he was going to stay with his sister."Do you live here?" "Not exactly, I'm staying with friends."

A1 used to say that people or things are in a place together or are doing something together:

Emma lives with her boyfriend.
Hang your coat with the others.

A1 having or including something:

a woman with brown eyes

A2 using something:

She hit him over the head with a tennis racket.

B1 used to describe the way someone does something:

She shut the drawer with a bang.

B1 used to say what fills, covers, etc something:


B2 because of something:

She was trembling with fear.

B2 relating to something or someone:

There's something wrong with the car.
The doctors are very pleased with his progress.

used to describe the position of someone's body:

She sat with her legs crossed.
be with me/you informal

to understand what someone is saying:

Sorry, I'm not with you - can you say that again?

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