Meaning of “write” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /raɪt/ past tense wrote, past participle written
Extra Examples
You need to write the address clearly on the front of the envelope.Today's specials are written on the board.You can't write everything you want to because of space limitations.He wrote the number on a slip of paper.The doctor wrote some notes while I described my symptoms.
WORDS [ I, T ]

A1 to produce words, letters, or numbers on a surface using a pen or pencil:

Write your name at the top of the page.
She can't read or write.
BOOK [ I, T ]

B1 to create a book, story, article, etc or a piece of music:

He's writing a book on Russian literature.
She writes for Time magazine.

A2 to send someone a letter:

[ + two objects ] I wrote her a letter last week.
Has Bill written to you recently?
DOCUMENT [ T ] also write out

to put all the information that is needed on a document:

He wrote out a cheque for £250.

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