Translation of "attach" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb [ T ] uk /əˈtætʃ/ us

B1 to join or fix one thing to another

tutturmak, bağlamak, iliştirmek
She attached a photograph to her letter.
attach importance/value, etc to sb/sth

to think that someone or something has importance/value, etc

bir şeye, birine, önem/değer atfetmek, vermek, öyle olduğunu düşünmek
You attach too much importance to money.

to include something as part of something else

bir şeye ilave olarak dahil etmek, eklemek
There were too many conditions attached to the deal.
→ See also no strings (attached)

B1 to add an attachment (= computer file) to an email message

e-posta iletisine ekleme yapmak

(Translation of “attach” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)