Translation of "can" - English-Turkish dictionary


modal verb uk strong /kæn/ us weak /kən, kn/ us past tense and past participle could

A1 to be able to do something

yetenek, ...ebilmek, ...abilmek
We can't pay the rent.
Can you drive?

A1 to be allowed to do something

izin vermede/istemede kullanılır
You can't park here.
Can I go now?

A1 used to ask someone to do or provide something

bir şeyi istemede, rica etmede kullanılır
Can you tell her to meet me outside?
Can I have a drink of water?

A1 used to politely offer to do something

nazikçe bir şeyi teklif etmede, sunmada kullanılr
Can I carry those bags for you?

A2 used to talk about what is possible

bir olasılığı ifadede kullanılır
You can buy stamps from the shop on the corner.
Smoking can cause cancer.

B2 used to talk about how someone often behaves or what something is often like

birinin zamana zaman nasıl davranabileceğini ya da bir şeyin neye benzediğini ifadede kullanılır
She can be really rude at times.

B1 used to show surprise

sürpriz ve şaşkınlığı belirtmede kullanılır
You can't possibly be hungry already!
Can you believe it?

(Translation of “can modal verb” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)