Translation of "decent" - English-Turkish dictionary


adjective uk /ˈdiːsənt/ us

B2 of a satisfactory quality or level

tatmin edici, kaliteli,
He earns a decent salary.
I haven't had a decent cup of coffee since I've been here.

B2 honest and morally good

doğru, dürüst, ahlaklı, edepli, terbiyeli
Decent people have had their lives ruined by his behaviour.
She should do the decent thing and apologize.
CLOTHES [ never before noun ]

wearing clothes

giyinik, üzerinde kıyafet olan
Can I come in? Are you decent?
decently adverb

muntazam bir şekilde

(Translation of “decent” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)