Translation of "dive" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb [ I ] uk /daɪv/ us past tense and past participle dived, past tense also US dove, past participle dived

B1 to jump into water with your head and arms going in first

suya dalmak/atlamak
He dived off the side of the boat into the sea.

B1 to swim under water, usually with breathing equipment

su altında dalmak, tüple dalmak
dive into/over/under, etc

to move somewhere quickly

bir yere hızlıca hareket etmek/girmek/saklanmak/gizlenmek/sokulmak
He heard footsteps and dived under the table.

to fly down through the air very quickly

havada dalış yapmak
Suddenly the plane dived to the ground.

If a value or price dives, it suddenly becomes less.

değeri düşmek, fiyatı düşmek/azalmak

(Translation of “dive verb” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)