Translation of "else" - English-Turkish dictionary


adverb uk /els/ us

A2 in addition to someone or something

başka, başka birşey, ayrıca
Would you like anything else to eat?
What else did he say?

A2 different from someone or something

başka; farklı
I don't like it here. Let's go somewhere else.
I didn't say that. It must have been someone else.

A2 other things or people

diğerleri, başka
I forgot my toothbrush, but I remembered everything else.
or else

used to compare two different things or situations

yoksa, aksi takdirde
He talks to her all the time, or else he completely ignores her.

B2 used to say what will happen if another thing does not happen

ya da
We must be there by six, or else we'll miss the beginning.
if all else fails

if no other plan is successful

eğer herşey başarısız olursa/tepe taklak giderse
If all else fails, you're welcome to stay at our house.

(Translation of “else” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Turkish © Cambridge University Press)